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Glass Art Tools

Diamond shears, tools for Lamp work, glass blowing, glass art, 8 inch


Brass necking v shape tools, Lamp work , glass art, glass blowing tools,


NEW - Dragon Glass Cutting Tools, Grozer Pliers, Running Pliers, Breaking Pliers




Trim shears, tools for lampworking, glassblowing, glass art,1&1.5 inch blade,


Industrial Mini Portable Stained Grinder Diamond Glass Art Grinding Tool 110V


CHOICE Stained Glass Tools 100 Watt Soldering iron with 1/4 Tip Art Jewelry More


Bead shape tool, bead tools, glass art tools, lamp-work tools, jewelry tools,


Murrini forceps, tools for lampwork, glass art, glassblowing, 10 inch


Lot of 2 Glass Artisan tools


Vin Pin 2"x3" Glass Implosion Graphite - Free Ship


Leaf Masher Pliers 6 1/2" Non Slip Handles Glass Art and Lamp Work Tool


Glass Art Supply Polyurethane Bead Release Lampwork


Italian style rod holder, tools for Lamp work, glass art, strong spring, 12 inch


Graphite Mold: Martini Glass


Glass Art Supply Focal Bead Funnel Press Flame Blowing


*NEW* Art Glass Collectors Laying Tool for Display for Needlepoint ~ USA Made #2


Portable Stained Grinder Diamond Glass Art Grinding Tool for MCBL1 MCBL58 US


Graphite Mandrel Steadyrest Glass Lampwork Bead


Mini Stained Grinder Diamond Glass Art Grinding Tools With MCBL58Grinding Wheel


Fenton Art Glass Factory Original Glassblowing Tools Jacks Tongs Lampworking 17"


Wizard Push Mold 2in1 Graphite Glass Lampwork Bead


Stained Glass Tools - GLASSPRO ALL STEEL RUNNER (2225)


The Perfect Tool - Splat - Glass Lampwork


Graphite Plate: V Grooves


The Perfect Tool Graphite Glass Bead Lampwork ProKit II


Glass blowing grabbers / hot fingers


GLASS BLOWING Northstar Shorts 33.3 Boro color Glass rods


Optic Mold Graphite Lampwork Glass Cane 5pt 1/2x3/4deep


Mushroom 7/8x1 Graphite Glass Lampwork Push Mold


Vin Pin 4" Dia Glass Implosion Graphite - FREE DOMESTIC SHIP!!


Graphite Glass Lampwork 3D Small Skull Push Mold


Graphite Mold: 3d Skull Version 2 - Various Sizes


Glassblowing Lampworking Marble Mold Graphite 1/2&3/4


Graphite Glass Lampwork 3D Turtle Shell Push Mold 2.5x3


1" Graphite Skull Push V2


The Perfect Tool - Spiral Entangled - Glass Lampwork


Lizard Push Mold Graphite Glass Lampwork